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Cockatiels — Birds in Silverdale, WA
Date of birth: 5-18 months old
In general cockatiels are sweet-tempered, a tame cockatiel will often love to do things like: take showers with you, wolf-whistle, eat off your plate, demand head rubs, and in general make cute noises and ask to be picked up and played with. These birds are generally quiet and clean.
Parakeet — Birds in Silverdale, WA
Rosy Bourkes Parakeets
Common Names: Bourke Parakeet, Bourke Grass Keet, Opaline Parakeet
Size: The average size for this species is 71/2 inches (19cm).
Compatibility: Bourkes are very peaceful and can be kept in an aviary with other peaceful species such as Splendids, Socities and other peaceful finches.
Personality: This species is not very flighty being ... Read more
Zebra Finch — Birds in Silverdale, WA
Zebra Finch
Common Names: Zebra Finch, Chesnut Flanked Finch
Size: These birds average about 4 inches (10cm). Some of the English and German varieties can be larger.
Origin: Zebra Finches are distributed over much of Australia, Tasmania and Flores Islands (northwest of Australia).
Society Finch — Birds in Silverdale, WA
Society Finch
Common Names: Society Finch, Bengalese Finch
Size: These finches range from 4-5 inches (10-13cm). Some of the German and European breeds can be larger.
Origin: Society Finches are strictly a domesticated breed and can not be found in the wild. It is believed they descend ... Read more
Our Ferrets are Fixed & Descented

Ferrets are lovable, friendly, playful little animals. If you keep a single Ferret, it will get lonely. Being very curious, they need attention and lots of toys. A sleeping Ferret may seem like a dead Ferret, because its body temperature drops considerably. Waking up Ferrets shiver terribly to bring up the temperature.
Ferrets — Exotic Animals in Silverdale, WA
We have a wide variety of reptiles in our store. Please stop by to see our selection.
Reptiles — Exotic Animals in Silverdale, WA