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Schnug Puppy



Color: Brindle
Born: March 15th
Arrival Date: May 12th
Notes: ACHC Reg




Schnug is a hybrid of a Pug and a Schnauzer.


Playful and alert, the Min. Schnauzer is a well-mannered companion. It is less dog-aggressive than most terriers. It is clever and can become headstrong, but is generally well-behaved. It gets along with children, although can become a bit of a barker.

Pugs have a wonderful sense of humor to go along with their comical appearance. They are show-offs and will do just about anything for attention. They will readily accept strangers and do not make good watch or guard dogs. They will play with children and other animals but should not be subjected to heavy exercise. They are very sensitive to heat and should never be left outdoors in warm weather.

A nice moderate walk each day or a romp in the back-yard will meet this energetic dog's exercise requirements. Its wire coat needs combing once or twice per week. Professional clipping every couple of months will keep it looking like the standard.


They shed quite a bit even though their coats are short. The folds of skin in their face should be cleaned regularly to avoid infection.

Group: Terrier.

Weight: 13-18 lbs

Height: 12-14"

Tolerates Cold Weather
Tolerates Hot Weather
Good Watchdog
Needs Exercise
Good w/Other Animals
Easily Trainable
Can Live Outside
Needs Grooming Often
Lives Well In City Life
Good With Kids


Did You Know?

This breed is the smallest and most popular of the Schnauzer group.

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